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VSCAN setup query


Hi, all


I have inherited some cDOT filers with vscan enabled at the cluster level. I was going to add 4 x new vscanner engines: they are on a 10G link.


However, when checking I noticed that the 4 x old scanners were set up at a cluster level using its 1G management link.


I’m surprised this isn’t causing latency. I’m guessing it was done for ease of management as there are approximately 120 SVM’s.


How would you approach this? I was thinking of creating a new 10G management LIF? Or, any other ideas?


cheers rob



cluster-mgmt LIF:



                                                             Speed (Mbps)

Node   Port      IPspace      Broadcast Domain         Link   MTU            Admin/Oper

------ --------- ------------ ---------------- -----            ------- ------         ------

e0i       Default      Default                                               up       1500          auto/1000





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