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VM granular recovery Snapprotect

Hi all!

I'm trying to implement VM Backup in a SnapProtect environnement.

I'm launching a Backup of a VM with "Granular Recovery for SnapProtect" option enabled.

The size of the VM seems wrong :

When trying a granular restore : It displays "No items to be shown in this view".

When trying a granular restore with Granular Recovery for SnapProtect" option disabled :

Do you have any ideas on this issue ?




Re: VM granular recovery Snapprotect

One More thing, When I browse at a VM level, I can't see the vmdk files as you can see :

Re: VM granular recovery Snapprotect

When installing, have you followed the fieldguide?


I think you still need to configure the restore host. This host mounts the snapshots and indexes the VMs.

Maybe you can also manually mount the snapshot to see if the VMDKs are actually there?

You can mount the snapshots within the "list snapshots" window.

Another way is to make the local .snapshots directory visible though system manager (that is, if you are saving some local snapshots..)


Re: VM granular recovery Snapprotect

In case if you are still seeing this issue,

Could you attach the Browse.log, CVMA.log and the VixDiskLib.log from the machine where you have the Virtual server agent installed?

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