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VSCAN enable fails - Scanner Pool IS present


I'm trying to enable vscan on an SVM - ONTAP release 9.3P11.  I am not a cluster admin (vsadmin only) as this is a SVM provided by our DR vendor.  When the DR vendor tries the command below they get the same unsuccessful results that I get.


I was able to create a scanner pool for the SVM with the IP address of the AV connector server and valid privileged user.


When I run "vscan enable", TAB assist does not auto append "-vserver"... that was a bit odd to start off.

When I type "-vserver" and the SVM name in the command I get this...


Error: invalid argument "-vserver"


If I issue the command "vserver enable" with no other arguments I get this...


Error: command failed: Cannot enable Vscan. Reason: No scanner pool is active on the Vserver "svmservername_01".


Since this is not one of my clusters I am also unable to open a support ticket with NetApp.  So I'm appealing to the community for help before requesting the DR vendor open a support case for this.


Thank you all in advance!





Re: VSCAN enable fails - Scanner Pool IS present


I hate answering my own posts after RTFM....  but I had not applied the policy (ex. primary) to the scanner pool prior to attempting to enable vscan on the SVM...


Hopefully, my brain cramp will benefit at least one person in the future.


Thanks in advance for NOT flaming me over this one!

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