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Transition error using XCP


I use netapp's XCP at our data migration project .


"xcp copy"  was succed ,and "xcp sync" was suceed too.

But some error occured when "xcp sync"  was done in a week .


Following error is written in a xcp.log .


xcp 2017-12-06 16:01:48 rescan 'Server:/cfs046a/xxx' ERROR: rescan 'Server:/cfs046a/xxx': 'rd.Dir3' object has no attribute 'parfh'

xcp 2017-12-06 16:01:48 rescan 'Server:/cfs046a/xxx' ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "sched.pyx", line 579, in sched.Engine._runTasks (sched.c:14759)
  File "sched.pyx", line 1567, in sched.Task.run (sched.c:39275)
  File "../sync.py", line 1568, in gWhatsNew
  File "../idx.py", line 915, in getTargetPath
  File "../idx.py", line 885, in __init__

AttributeError: 'rd.Dir3' object has no attribute 'parfh'


What has happened?

This server has a lot of update data , Is that safe to retry " xcp sync" ?





Are you doing sync when data was changin on source ?