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Veritas SQL snapshot based backup fails after installed SnapCenter plug in on SQL host


Veritas SQL snapshot based backup fails after installed SnapCenter plug in on SQL host, not sure if there is compatibility issue between these two. Looks after SnapCenter plugin installed, Veritas NetBackup never found the Microsoft snapshot "volume shadow copy" anymore.

if you had same issue, please share your experience.






From my experience with other backups apps, you cannot use two backup agents on the same machine in a transparent fashion


You could try to stop all services related to the SC plug in and restart the Veritas agent. Then try to backup with veritas..


What is the error that veritas is throwing?





thanks for reply.

On SQL host, looks the SC plug in in top of the snapshot list, looks Veritas try to use SC plugin to take snapshot but failed, if we set Veritas to use Microsoft VSS snapshot, it couldn't find it. this is the errors messages from backup jobs.


The description for Event ID 4110 from source Navssprv cannot be found.

Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted.

You can install or repair the component on the local computer.


2021-08-27T11:16:31.9836450-04:00 Critical SDW PID=[5468] TID=[17940] Failed to get the volumes for all volumes.

at SnapDrive.Nsf.Core.VSSServiceProvider.SDDeleteTargetLun(SDDeleteTargetLunRequest request)


I would not use both agents (Veritas and SC plug-in) in the same server.


Navssprv is the ONTAP vss hw provider, Veritas is trying to use it. this provider is installed with the sc plugin for windows, automatically.


so Veritas still trying to use that component


you really need to have both in the server?









In general, most backup vendors (For backing Microsoft Applications) integrates with Microsoft VSS framework  & 3rd party storage vendor to ensure Application consistent backup, and that is where 'VSS Hardware providers' come into picture.  When you installed SnapCenter plug-in it has also installed it's version of 'Data ontap vss hardware provider', which the MS VSS framework will call out during the SnapCenter backup procedure and this 'VSS hardware provider' is always PRIORITIZED above the other/Microsoft software provider.


As I read, before installing the SnapCenter plug-in host for SQL host, it was VERITAS NetBackup. This suggests VERITAS NetBackup was deployed to backup SQL databases hosted on NetApp ? If yes, that means there must be 'SanpDrive' component installed on the host which NetBackup used via VSS framework to trigger and capture Hardware Level snapshot ? If so, then both cannot work together. Therefore, you must unregister the vss hardware provider installed with SnapDrive.


1) Using PowerShell/cmd prompt, determine whether the SnapDrive for Windows VSS Hardware Provider is registered:
vssadmin list providers

2) From the <SnapDrive directory>, unregister the VSS Hardware Provider (i.e SnapDrive for Windows): navssprv.exe -r service –u

3) Verify that the VSS Hardware Provider was removed: vssadmin list providers

Hopefully, there is only one registered vss hardware providers available.

In case there is none, you can follow this kb to manually register the SnapCenter vss hardware provider or simple uninstall and re-isntall plug-in.