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Vfiler migration complete and snapmirror relations


HI All,

I succesfully start vfiler migration of my Vfiler <X> from Filer A to Filer B, Vfiler<X> got 10 volumes.

5 volumes of Vfiler <X> from Filer A are snapmirrored to Filer C (Destination) another site.

First question Vfiler migration complete will work in this enviroment or I have to break and delete the relation to Filer C.

I don't want to do another Full Basecopy of that 5 volume after complete to Filer C too much TB...

If before to Complete migration I update and quiesce the 5 volume from Filer C and after complete I update snapmirror.conf with new source Filer B:Vfielr <X> resume will work ?

Filer are all Ontap 8.2.3 7-mode.





I don't see an issues doing this...worst case you may have to resync.  But create a small test vFiler with a 20MB or 1GB volume and test it out with the cascade first... the base snapshot between A-->B-->C won't change so you can always resync any direction.


Thanks Scott, I'll update my experience after migration Smiley Happy

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