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Volume / Qtree performance


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if there is any documentation surrounding any best practices for qtree to volume ratios, and if there is a performance issue with having multiple qtrees within a volume, each of which having millions of files within subdirectories??

The platform in question is a 3210

Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb!




I'll leave it to others to answer the best practices question.  It looks like the maximum number of Qtrees for your controller is 4,995, which is probably alot more than you have!  But I have a good suggestion for you if you want to monitor a particular volume you are concerned about.  You'll need the Netapp Powershell Toolkit, connect to your filer with

PS C:\Users\me>  Import-Module DataOntap

PS C:\Users\me> Connect-NaController mybox -Credential root

and issue:

PS C:\Users\me> Invoke-NaSysstat  -Volume vol0 -Count 2

Read  Written  RdOps  WrOps TotOps   RdLat   WrLat  TotLat Volume

----  -------  -----  ----- ------   -----   -----  ------ ------

    0     9 KB      0      9    179     0.0     0.1     0.0 vol0

    0    11 KB      0     11    266     0.0     0.1     0.0 vol0

As you can see you'll get detailed performance information at the volume level.  This is not available with a standard systat command.

From the Powershell toolkit man page:

"Unlike sysstat, Invoke-NaSysstat supports not only top-level controller metrics but also performance values for other object classes such as volumes, vfilers, LUNs, network interfaces, storage adapters, individual data protocols, and WAFL."

Pretty cool stuff IMHO.