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Vserver migrate feature



We want to migrate some vservers on our 4node metrocluster to even out load and volume/aggregate usage but when doing a
"vserver migrate start -check-only true -vserver ......." we get an error stating that "Vserver migrate feature must be enabled".

Question is, where can we find this feature and if its licensed or not?

Is it part of some package or other license?


Any help woud be much appreciated





Re: Vserver migrate feature

Cannot find either stuff about this. But where are you committing the command? On the new destination or on the source? Should be on the destination.

Re: Vserver migrate feature

You cannot migrate between the two "halfs" of a MetroCluster afaik.

Re: Vserver migrate feature


From the destination, to "pull" the svm to it.



System looks like this:

node1-1 (this is where the svm is now)



node2-2 (this is where we want to move the svm to)


Even though this might not be possible, it still begs the question on where to find the feature/license ...

Re: Vserver migrate feature

You can get license keys from your account team. You can run the license show as well to see what is ran.


I don't believe it is on the ActiveIQ portal.


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Re: Vserver migrate feature

What exact license is needed?    Apparently, Netapp support does not know after calling it in and asking multiple times.

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