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WFA3/OCUM52 vs WFA4/OCUM7 - cluster name vs cluster fqdn


Hello everyone!


We currently are using WFA3 with OCUM5.2, and we're having major stability problems. I think mostly from the database in OCUM5.2. We're looking to migrate/upgrade to OCUM7 and at the same time also look into moving to WFA4.


While doing testing, we noticed some data retrieval differences, which seem to be unexplainable.


In WFA3, when we query for our CDOT clusters, we always get a list of FQDN of the clusters, which is expected and we code our workflows and automation with that in mind. With WFA4, it seems it only gives the short cluster name, which seems very odd. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why that is and if it can be fixed? I'm not sure if OCUM7 queries cluster names via the cluster identity or whatever, but based on the evidence it seems it pulls cluster names very differently than OCUM5.2.


Any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks!





FWIW, I'm using the builtin filter named "Get all clusters", and it looks like the SQL is exactly the same comparing WFA3 and WFA4, so my best guess is its something to do with OCUM 5.2 vs 7.1. Not sure if it matters, but we're using OCUM 7.1RC1...