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What does "glist count" means


I've got few SATA disks from FAS2020 system where I have this number more then zero.


Glist count: 40

Scrub last done: 03:12:42

Scrub count: 128


Glist count: 15

Scrub last done: 03:12:42

Scrub count: 343


Glist count: 7

Scrub last done: 03:12:42

Scrub count: 257


output from storage show disk -a command


I suspect the drives are going bad way.


PS. Power on hours 43750.


Re: What does "glist count" means




Glist count is the number of entries in the G-list. The Health Monitor are responsible for updating this counter. This counter can be used to determine the health of the entire disk. Another good field in the Diskinfo structure is the GlistUsed which gives the percentage of the Glist entries used so far.



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