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What is the recommended way to set up nodes mgmt LIF's?


We have used a dedicated physical port for cluster and nodes management, separated from data LACP ports group on each node in the cluster. LACP group (4x10GbE) has been used for all DATA LIF's 


My question is:

Is this still a recommended setup? Can node mgmt LIF be created on Data LACP group which should be used for Data Lif? and Why?





According to me this should be possible. But not really best practise. For management I use the interface e0M. It's a 1Gb interface and barely usable for production. It also makes sense to seperate the management from the production in repsect to interfaces. What is bandwith is fully used and you want to check why??? If your managment is then on the same interfaces you even cannot access.....


This completely depends on the Datacenter topology and its need to what kind of data and workload which is to be supported. Please refer to "Best Practices for Network Configuration with NetApp Storage Systems" as per the KB article https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1000997/~/best-practices-for-network-configuration-with-netapp-storage-systems-




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