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Windows 2016 Can't Connect Using PowerShell


This got posted to the Virtualization channel by mistake.


I have a OnTAP 8.2.5 (7-mode) system and have been using PowerShell scripts to generate reports from a windows 2012 server.  I upgraded the Server to Windows 2016 and the scripts now fail performing the connect-nacontroller command.

    Connect-NaController <..> -Credential $Creds -HTTPS

    Connect-NaController : API invoke failed.


Windows 2016 disabled SSLv3 by default.

If enabled, I get a different error.

    Connection to <..> using HTTPS failed - The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

    The error may be resolved by generating a new certificate on the storage controller, with a longer key length.


The server has PSTK 9.7.1 installed.





Most likely the change in Windows version also made some changes with regards to type of encryption supported.
Since the error is specifically calling out key length, have you tried generating a new, longer key in Data ONTAP?

You can do so by running secureadmin setup ssl