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access volumes over http



I researched on this and could not find a solid answer or solution on how to do this.

I need to access volumes that I create on my netapp through the web browser. I was wondering if this is possible? I found the options for http/httpd on the netapp 6210 and read through the "File Access and Protocols Management Guide", I've tried all sorts of things but nothing seems to enable accessing volumes through the web browser.

currently I have Ontap 8.2P3 7-mode installed on the netapp.

I've spoke to a netapp tech support rep and they stated after talking to the license team that I do not need the http license installed on the netapp for this. Is that correct?




Re: access volumes over http


What have you tried that isn't working?  According to the guide you referenced, all you should need to do is enable httpd and set a rootdir.  Assuming you've done that - have you verified with netstat that the conroller is listening on port 80?  Have you verified there is content in your rootdir?  Are there firewalls that may be blocking traffic?  What do you see in the browser when you try to connect?

Another thing to consider might be that one or more of the http security features is blocking you - check httpd.access, the virtual firewall settings, etc.

Maybe post your httpd options?


Re: access volumes over http


ok, so I got the a volume that I can access via a web browser, is there a way that I can access multiple volumes, it looks like when you set httpd.rootdir you can only specify one volume.

here is my httpd options

httpd.access                 legacy

httpd.admin.access           legacy

httpd.admin.enable           on

httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off

httpd.admin.max_connections  512

httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on

httpd.admin.top-page.authentication on

httpd.autoindex.enable       on

httpd.bypass_traverse_checking on

httpd.enable                 on

httpd.ipv6.enable            off

httpd.log.format             common     (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.method.trace.enable    off

httpd.rootdir                /vol/repos

httpd.timeout                300        (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.timewait.enable        off        (value might be overwritten in takeover)

Re: access volumes over http


Ok, to my knowledge, you are setting only the http root directoy for the local http server (stripped down web server)

When you say access directories over the web, what do you mean?   Normally, you would build an apache instance and mount the directory as a file system.

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do, unless i'm totally off base

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