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adding disk in aggregate

fcacing issue in adding disk in aggregate




aggr add aggr0 -g rg0 -d 4a.11.15 



aggr add: Couldn't add disks: specified raid group rg0 is full to raidsize.


Please share the solution.





Re: adding disk in aggregate

Hi Rawat,


RAID Groups are created when an aggregate is created, or when new disks are added to the aggregate - depending on how many disks are specified for the size of the RAID group. The size of the RAID group is determined from the options specified when creating an aggregate. You can increase the Raid group size by using the following command.


aggr modify -aggregate aggr_name -maxraidsize ##
aggr add-disks -aggregate aggr_names -diskcount ##

This will tell it to inc rease the RG size and then add disks to the aggregate and raidgroup


Hope this helps.



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