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aggr-list in cDOT831

I have a question about an option "aggr-list" of SVM.


nyn001c1::> version
NetApp Release 8.3.1P1: Fri Oct 02 11:25:22 UTC 2015


nyn001c1::> vserver show -fields type,aggr-list
vserver  type  aggr-list
-------- ----- ---------
nyn001c1 admin -
nyn001f1 data  -
         data  -
nyn001f3 data  -
nyn001f4 data  -
         node  -
         node  -
7 entries were displayed.



The list of aggregates assigned to the SVMs are empty. Do I need to assign aggrs to the data SVM. As the CMD guide mentions "If the value of this parameter is specified as -, then the Vserver administrator cannot create any volumes for that Vserver". But I do have some data volumes that have created in the SVM. Is that necessary to configure this option?



Re: aggr-list in cDOT831



As i remember VSadmin can create Volumes only at aggregate which presented for this vserver. 

NetApp admin can create volumes at non-present to vserver aggregates. 

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Re: aggr-list in cDOT831

Oh...yes, it's true. thanks for the answer.

Re: aggr-list in cDOT831

U shouldn't of got her aggregates and tore that V up but now she anit going to u non - present for ur bday

Re: aggr-list in cDOT831

Exactly bro u got it......lol

Re: aggr-list in cDOT831

Already bro hit me any time........lol
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