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snapshot schedule creation

hello all,


i'm on netapp 7-mode 8.0 


i would like to schedule a snapshot of a volume all days at 1:00 which is name prefix is like sql on a filer7-mode


i see command like:


"snap sched" or "snap create" but not enough options.



thanks for your help



Re: snapshot schedule creation

First, if you are on 8.0, I would recommend an upgrade to 8.2.x for 7-mode.


If you require custom snapshot naming you have to use an outside process, ssh script, powershell etc...


There is no way to do this at the CLI

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Re: snapshot schedule creation



thank you for your reply, i'm on 8.2 P7


unbelievable, no way to schedule a snapshot with a specifique suffixe name.


just to sched a snap all day at 01:00 AM

is it good sentence ?

snap sched 0 0 6@1


thank you in advance

Re: snapshot schedule creation

that schedule wil save 6 snaps @ 1am




Re: snapshot schedule creation

thanks a lot for your reply



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