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api error 13006: Vserver missing vserver parameter


I am new to netapp ZAPI ,i am using python library available to connect netapp(https://pypi.org/project/netapp-api/) , connection is successful but when i try to create snapshot i get error :api error 13006: Vserver missing vserver parameter


please help to check the issue 


Re: api error 13006: Vserver missing vserver parameter


The implemented features shows "Snapshots (reading)". So I hope you mean creating the return of snapshot information. Creating snapshots is a script is certainly possible  but does not look like creation is included in this API framework. The error 13006 can have multiple meanings. The message "missing vserver parameter" can also be misleading.  It could be indicating that one of the parameters supplied is invalid for some reason. Scripts can also be sensitive to extended characters so try removing any spaces or extended characters like &%@.


If you are looking to create snapshots check the examples : https://github.com/NetApp/ontap-rest-python



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