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SnapVault restore to mirrored volume


Hi All, I have problem refer SnapVault restore as below:


- SiteA OnTap 9.7 vserver svm1 volume vol1 SnapMirror to SiteB OnTap 9.7 vserver sm1 volume vol1_mirror


- SiteB OnTap 9.7 cluster cmode97sm vserver sm1 volume vol1_mirror SnapVault to SiteC OnTap 9.3 vserver svmdrd2d volume vol1_mirror_vault


- all SnapMirror and SnapVault replication successful and healthy


When SiteC cluster drd2d relationship select restore from Destination: drd2d://svmdrd2d/vol1_mirror_vault to Source cmode97sm://sm1/vol1_mirror with Latest Snapshot copy:snapmirror.xxxxxxxxxxx, it was display "Data ONTAP API Failed: Relationship with destination sm1:vol1_mirror already exists. (Error: 17122)".


I try select another Snapshot restore and it was display same error, I try use command line and it was same problem


I try break the SiteB Snapmirror and let the SiteB vserver sm1 volume vol1_mirror change from DP to RW, and try SiteC restore to SiteB and it was same error


But I try SiteC restore to SiteB other volume and it was successful


Is SnapVault did not allow restore to original Source volume in this setup?


Re: SnapVault restore to mirrored volume


Hi Chinchillaking,


The reason you are receiving this error trying to restore from site C to site A is because of the existing relationship between site A and site B. In addition, site A isn't aware of site C as there is no direct relationship configurable as both Snapmirror & Snapvault are "pull operations", meaning the destination initiates the communication. It is possible to restore from site C to site A, but again, you will interrupt the relationship between site A and site B, so unless site B is unusable we do not advise restoring from site C as you will have to rebaseline from A to B once you complete the C to A restoration.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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