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autogrow in Cdot 9.0P3


Hello all 


im using Data ontap version 9.0p3  


As i see there is no -increment-size in the options for volumes. There is only these options:


 { [[-maximum-size] {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]}]  Maximum Autosize

    [ -minimum-size {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]} ]  Minimum Autosize

    [ -grow-threshold-percent <percent> ]          Grow Threshold Used Space Percentage

    [ -shrink-threshold-percent <percent> ]        Shrink Threshold Used Space Percentage

    [ -mode {off|grow|grow_shrink} ]               Autosize Mode

  | [ -reset [true] ] }                            Autosize Reset


how can config the incremenet size for volume because in my case it is not enough for me just to config  maximum-size  i need to config how much it should grow and then i set the max grow .


Could you please help ?



For volume autosize documentation Click Here



You can configure the Minimum and Maximum size for autogrow (as well as threshold)

but you will not be able to configure the size each time it increase.


here is my reason (or understanding)

Currently you have a 100 GB volume..  


And you set.. the autogro options as follows..

Mimimum size is 100GB

maximum size is 50TB


Yes, -maximum-size can be set upto the platform-dependent maximum FlexVol volume size.


if ontap let you configure the increment size  and you set them as 50G.. while the volume size is 100G or 200G it will make sense.. to add 50G

but it won't make sense to add 50G to once the volume is 25TB or 30TB... 


in order to avoid that, (resizing the volume every minute) ontap calculate the size based on the tresholds & policy you set, and add that each time if necessary.


hope this help..