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automatic broadcast domain creation ?


We have 2 new clusters running 9.8P5


Seems when you plug a network cable in it now automatically creates a new broadcast domain for that port.


Default Default 1500 xx-xxxxxx-xxx02-01:e0M complete
Default-1 1500 xx-xxxxxx-xxx02-02:e0M complete
Default-2 1500 xx-xxxxxx-xxx02-01:e1a complete
Default-3 1500 xx-xxxxxx-xxx02-02:e1a complete


Is this a new feature or a bug, why not just keep it in Default  ?





It will create a new broadcast domain for every reachable layer2 network.

i recommend configuring the ports on the switches before attaching them with cables. 

Example of using broadcast domains




any Plans from NetApp to disable that function? Maybe in the diag mode, is not cool for new Installations 😉


Its also doing the same thing for failover groups.


broadcast-domain show -ipspace Default
(network port broadcast-domain show)
IPspace Broadcast Update
Name Domain Name MTU Port List Status Details
------- ----------- ------ ----------------------------- --------------
Default Default 1500 xxx-01:e0M complete
Default-1 1500 xxx-02:e0M complete
Default-2 1500 xxx-01:e1a complete
Default-3 1500 xxx-02:e1a complete
4 entries were displayed.


Hi @Greg_Wilson,


start with ONTAP 9.8 ONTAP will automatically create Broadcast Domains, also based on Layer 2 reachability.


You can read this here:




So why does it create a seperate BD for each port ?


Surely you want e0M(management ports) on all clusters to be in the same BD ?




The system automatically creates any additional broadcast domains during cluster initialization based on layer 2 network reachability. These additional broadcast domains are named Default-1, Default-2, and so forth.


For each Port makes really no sense, in Praxis build the Broadcast Domain by your self..


Maybe than one from NetApp could give us more detailed Information..

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