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ONTAP Select networks vs. "other" portgroups


Hi all,


according to the ONTAP Select documentation (Deep Dive Networking -> https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/ontap-select/concept_nw_vsphere_vswitch_config.html) the vSwitch configuration for active/standby failover is pretty clear for the necessary ONTAP ports (internal & external).


But what about the "other" portgroups I may have on this vSwitch?

Example: ESXi Host with 4x 1GbE, all ports configured in one vSwitch.

Where do I put vMotion vmk, NFS vmk, ESXi Mgmt vmk and all VM networks? Obviously not all on a single active 1GbE link so that ONTAP can occupy 3 out of 4 ports.


Best regards



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