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Deleting SnapCenter Resource Group Also Deletes ALL SNAPSHOTS!


So the other day I was performing initial steps to decommission a NetApp cluster. We are keeping it in place for two weeks so we can restore from snapshots if needed. As part of the decommission, I of course removed SnapMirror and SnapCenter jobs. Much to my shock, removing the SnapCenter job in the vCenter plug-in (i.e. the Resource Group) removed not only the job but ALL THE SNAPSHOTS that the job had created!! It felt like I'd been hit with a virus.


Needless to say I opened a case. My second shock was to discover this is BY DESIGN:


To me this is amazing that this is default behavior, with no way to change it as far as I can tell. I am requesting a feature request to allow a check box to override this behavior, but wanted to post it here for additional visibility. I can't imagine anyone thinking that deleting a backup job would delete the backups. I've never seen a single backup software program do that in my life, from any vendor.


Anyone from NetApp care to comment? Can this be changed?



Hi @tahmad , it is bug ID #1410317.

View solution in original post




can you please share the bug # for future reference?




Hi @tahmad , it is bug ID #1410317.

View solution in original post


Thanks @TMADOCTHOMAS  for your update


Did they open a RFE/bug yet in Support? If it is an urgent/important issue the account team can also help prioritize the fix or possibly submit a fPVR for you. I would suggest both routes.

Hi @paul_stejskal , I'm on the line with NetApp now and he is opening a bug for this.

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