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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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We have completed OnTap Upgrade from 9.6p9 to 9.7p8 following Upgrade Advisor. Everything looks good, no any errors in any logs. After checked vSphere ...read more
Hello all, I have problems removing an old snapshot which shows status "busy". This is a snapshot on a backup machine. The snapmirror relationship and ...read more
Hi.I work in an public university here in Brazil. We have brought an FAS2750 last year. This unit hve 12x 'standard' disks with 900Gb each. We have on ...read more
From SMB2.0 it is only possible to access the ~snapshot folder from an ONTAP junction point. In SMB1 the ~snapshot tree could be entered at any folder ...read more
Hi,It's been a while since this first happened. But now it's annoying. In our environment from Windows 2008R2/Windows 7 we can do \\filer\share\.snahs ...read more
Hi All, I try to land OnTap Select on VMware using vCenter, but I cannot add a vcenter cerdential. No matter what I try, I keep getting the error "Cre ...read more
NetApp best practices, at least in earlier versions, recommend configuring event notifications on a cluster with the "important-events" filter. After ...read more
Hello, I need to replace some disks and need insight into nuances and issues that might arise from doing that with partitioned disks.   Background: we ...read more
Hi Folks,We have a FAS 8200 cluster (9.5P9) that is currently using a single 2 port data interface group  (per node) on an isolated switch dedicated t ...read more
Hi Folks,I'm a Linux admin with little storage background - as such our org farms out larger tasks to a 3rd party Netapp specialist.  Having only been ...read more
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