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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hi Folk,   (not sure if this is the right forum, please move or advise if needed!)   We've historically been backing up data from our old 7-Mode NetAp ...read more
Hi Guys,    We would like to setup quotas directly on CIFS volume without creating any qtrees. First, is that possible ?  It's not a user or group quo ...read more
Hello, everyone,I want to see all CIFS sessions whose idle time is higher/lower/equal to a certain duration.  Unfortunately I can't get the correct va ...read more
Hi,. We have a AV server (hosting Trend micro) setup on our Prod clusters that has mandatory scan option set to ON in default_CIFS Policy. The clients ...read more
I see the system default protection policy "MirrorAndVault" is daily 7 and weekly 52.  Does it mean the system will keep 7 daily snapshots and 52 week ...read more
What is the best way to change the OnTAP Select Deploy configuration to point to a new vCenter? This is a live system so I don't want to break anythin ...read more
Hello,   I'm brand new to NetApp technology, but have been doing research.  My organization does all of it's file shares from a NetApp device using ON ...read more
We are required to manage devices using AD credentials and normally this is how it is setup(domain-tunnel + we grant access on cluster level)vserver a ...read more
Hello Community,   we have the following situation   Customer environment: The customer has two AD domains connected via bidirectional trust with sele ...read more
According to NetApp, disk partition will bring out better performance and disk usage. I see we have a few FAS2750 are not currently using this feature ...read more
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