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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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topic:Available CPU speed is: 13568 MHz. Minimum required: 13568 MHz.tweak required Hi colleagues,   so fare so good.till the deployment inside Deploy ...read more
I'm trying to create a Mirror and Vault Protection Relationship but I'm a little confused. When creating the Protection Relationship, why do I need to ...read more
We are taking daily snapshots on a few datastores, and found very large size of snapshots are produced.   I don't have the access to these VM's (Windo ...read more
Hello, I am seeing this very strange behavior:   # df output /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Data_1/ 3328599656 3180880684  147718972      96%  /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Da ...read more
Hello Expert,   we recently installed a client Host SuSE Enterprise Linux 15. We noticed that from this host , we are unable to do ssh onto Netapp Sto ...read more
Hi All,   I'm getting strange errors from DNS server   NTAP-clstr::> event log show -message-name secd.*Time Node Severity Event------------------- -- ...read more
Hi   I have one FAS2050 with ontap 7.3.3 , need to migrate CIFS shares with permission to FAS2720 with ontap 9.6    Can anyone help to provide best wa ...read more
A Windows server 2016 has a drive mapped to a filer and after a week it disconnects.  Like clockwork, about every 7 days, and it happens every time so ...read more
Created an SVM in CVO in Azure. Created a lif for the SVM. Lif is enabled for both data and management. SVM is unlocked. vsadmin username and a passwo ...read more
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