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vserver services name-service dns create -vserver vs1 -domains <my-domain-name> -timeout 2 -attempts 1 -name-servers <my-IP-address>   I have got the ...read more
Hello;   I want to update our FAS 2240 to the newest cdot 9.1P20 Image. so i downloaded the image successfully: Software get http://.../91P20_q_image. ...read more
Hello,   At my current environment we are planning on upgrading from ONTAP Version 9.1P2 to 9.3P19. That is all fine and dandy, but if we had to rever ...read more
Dear Community,   does somebody know a usefull Process to migrate existing Snapvault realationships from a old enviroment to a new enivroment, is it p ...read more
Hello! I do apologise if the following is confusing.   I have a question regarding Kerberos NFS shares on our Netapps which are mounted on Linux ( RH ...read more
Hi,   I am interested to know if there's any roadmap published for the future of SMB1 support in ONTAP9 - I'm assuming there's going to be a plan to r ...read more
We are migrating big file systems from EMC VNX 5600 to NetApp AFF300 (9.7). Is that possible to run NDMP backup from EMC VNX then restore them back to ...read more
Have an interesting issue regarding recovery of an faulty ONTAP Select node.   The issue is that we have an Ontap Select node where the root aggregate ...read more
We are having an issue. We have two clusters with SVM-DR Replications. When we create replication admin-state of replica is running.But when we break ...read more
Hi there. I've reviewed the following link, but have a unique (surely not) problem. https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Soft ...read more
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