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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hi guys,   we have a strange behavior here in two different VMware Cluster environments. Here are the details ...   NetApp FAS2520 with Data ONTAP Ver ...read more
Do 7-mode CIFS Servers require WINS? We just switched to Server 2019 DCs which no longer support WINS, and the administrative CIFS Server on our aging ...read more
Hi,  We have two applications configured on ontap 9.4 and we would like to disable the automatic snapshots: application show-detail :   ============== ...read more
The Client wants to upgrade ONTAP version from 9.4 to 9.5, he is asking that CIFs/NFS/iSCSI will available at end-user.   Please also share complete d ...read more
Hi, How to retrieve the data when nodes are migrated to new cluster?? Is it possible or we have to start from scratch when nodes are added to new clus ...read more
Hi! I am trying to install the AV Connector 1.0.4 with no success.   The server is a Windows 2016 server - I am local admin - I have run the installer ...read more
Hi All, I have problem refer SnapVault restore as below:   - SiteA OnTap 9.7 vserver svm1 volume vol1 SnapMirror to SiteB OnTap 9.7 vserver sm1 volume ...read more
My English is not good, please try to understand   I have two Storages with 7-mode, one storage is online and 2nd is not in production/free. One drive ...read more
Interesting problem on one HA Node. The ‘storage show disk –p’ and ‘aggr status –r’ output shows ? for Shelf 3 drives on only 1 node in the 7-Mode HA ...read more
Hello Guys   Any question. I need download Ontap 9.7P4 but is not available.   There is a reason why it is no longer available?   Regards Sebastian An ...read more
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