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cDOT 8.3.2P4 - Deleted files or folders in CIFS-Share reappear after deleting them


Hi there!


In cDOT 8.3.2P4 the following happens:


When deleting  files or folders in a CIFS-Share they reappear when deleting them. After some time the files or folders vanish completely.

What can I do, to get rid of deletes files immediately?

I do not notice any conspicuously in CIFS options.


Thanks in advance.



Don't know if you solved this problem, it just appeared to me, and I'm using Ontap 9.3.


Deleted a file from a share, after pressing F5, it's back. Can't rename, can't move, it's corrupted but it's back.


Only way I found to kill it for good was breaking it's lock by hand in the Ontap CLI, but still I don't know what caused the problem in first place. I've read somewhere that using the preview pane in Windows Explorer could cause it, but I didn't try to replicate it.


Just had to clear up this problem by deleting a lock under ontap 9.1


The only recent change we've had is the addition of DLP to all desktop systems....we've had a couple weird problems since that was put in place.


No ideas?

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