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cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2




i was wondering how to clean install a cDOT 8.3 OS onto a used FAS2240-2 storage?

and is 8.3 compatible with FAS2240-2?


If anyone can give me an insight on how i can go about this, it would be more than appreciated.


Kind regards


Re: cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2

Last supported version is 9.1. You can always check it using HWU. Further steps depend on what is installed now.

Re: cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2


All data protocols on a netapp system require license codes for activation, and those license codes are only available to the original purchasor.


License codes for ONTAP 8.2 and later are locked to the serial number and older license codes are not compatible. License codes are also not transferrable, so you should not wipe the system unless you are the original purchasor and have those codes available.



As @aborzenkov says, the next steps depend what version and mode of ONTAP that system was previously running. If it is already running 8.3, control-c during the boot menu and choose option 4.


If not, and it was previously running 7-mode, you would need 8.2+ licenses issued for the system and then follow the instructions in this KB article to netboot it (preferably with 9.1P12) - https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1031513/


Hope this helps!

Re: cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2


My caompany fully bought the storage system and it has been running 7-mode, and since we are replacing the current FAS2240 with a new 2650, we figured we can use the 2240 as a test environment.


To do that we wanted to clean install the 2240 with a cDOT OS (8.3~) so...


From what i gathered from you guys, since we bought the storage fully, we would need to reissue a license for the ONTAP 8.3?


Kind regards

Re: cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2

Correct - if the system is still under support, it is relatively easy - the account team that you bought the new system from will be able to help you get the transition licenses issued. If support has lapsed, it is more difficult.

Re: cDOT 8.3 on FAS2240-2


reissue a license for the ONTAP 8.3.


Please check the article .. where it talks about step by step..



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