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Ontap 9 select crash during boot


I'm trying to evaluate if we are going to upgrade from our edge appliance and the select cluster node will start to boot and then crashes/shuts down. I see nothing in the log as to why so i'm looking for some direction.


vmware infrastrucutre is all 6.5U2


Using ontapdeploy2.9 and this is a new deployment using the evaluation version of dot 9.4P1.



Do you see any relevant output on the console of the VM as it is booting/crashing? A screenshot, etc. would be helpful to help diagnose the issue.


No relevant output that i can make out. It is booting up, gets a little ways past where it says 9.4p1 and then the vm shuts down. I will try taking a video of what happens. Maybe there is something relevant on screen but it is not there long enough to see it. 


I used flashback to record the boot process and there is a panic at the end before the vm powers off.


PANIC : privileged instruction fault : num 1 code 0 cs:rip 0x20:0xffffffff82a15c


Which CPU is in that host?



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