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cDOT vserver ndmp for TSM

Hi, I am trying to setup a vserver for ndmp backups by TSM.

I have disabled node-scope ndmp and enabled it for the vserver.

cluster::vserver*> services ndmp show

VServer       Enabled   Authentication type

------------- --------- -------------------

cifs_test     true      challenge

however when I try to make changes via vserver modify command I get an error;

cluster::vserver*> services ndmp modify -vserver cifs_test -maxversion 4 -ignore-ctime-enabled false -offset-map-enable true -tcpnodelay false -tcpwinsize 32768 -data-port-range 18600-18699 -backup-log-enable true -per-qtree-exclude-enable false -authtype challenge -enable true -preferred-interface-role intercluster,data

Error: command failed: Modification for non-admin vserver  (4) is not allowed.  <--- (what does this error mean ??? )

Thank you in advance,


Re: cDOT vserver ndmp for TSM

According to my notes these are the commands I used to successfully setup vserver-aware NDMP in my cDOT environments:


# vserver services ndmp on -vserver cifs_test

# security login create -vserver cifs_test -username bkupadm -application ssh -authmethod password -role vsadmin-backup

# vserver services ndmp generate-password -vserver cifs_test -user bkupadm


Re: cDOT vserver ndmp for TSM

I opened a case with support and this was the reply;

Looking at the command run the “ –data-port-range 18600-18699 is the problem. This needs to be run against the admin vserver, the rest of the command will work as expected with that left off.

To find the admin vserver run:

::>vserver show -vserver * -fields type

Look for the admin entry. When the following is run this will change this port range:

::> services ndmp modify -vserver cm3140c-rtp -data-port-range 18600-18699

Verify this is set with the following:

::> services ndmp show -fields data-port-range

I had to modify the admin vserver once I did that everything was good.

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