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restore backup file in netapp


i would like to how i can restore backup file from my VM machine kindly please note that i have daily backup already setup it .


Re: restore backup file in netapp

Muntaser, if you would like to restore a single file from the machine, follow the instructions below.  Instructions to restore the virtual machine as a clone will be lower in my post.


1, Switch to a vsphere view where you see the machine you would like to restore files from. (VMs and Templates, or Hosts and Clusters)

2, Find the machine and select the "Netapp" tab

3, On the left side menu, select "Single File Restore"

4, Select add from the top right

5, Select the source virtual machine and the destination virtual machine ( you can use the machine you are trying to restore from as both ) and add a recipient email address.

6, Select the Limited Self-Service radio button

7, Select the backup you would like to restore from

8, Verify your settings and select finish.  At this point, the machine should have an additional drive added to the OS that you can browse the files and recover what you need.


1, Right click on the backup job you would like to restore the file from and select "Mount"

2, Select a host to mount the snapshot of your datastore to.  (I like to select the same host the machine is on that you would like to restore from)

     - As long as the snapshot still exists on your netapp, you will receive a new NFS mount on your host similar to the below screenshot.

3, At this point, you can browse the datastore that was just created, find the .vmx file of the Virtual machine you would like to restore, and right click it and select to add to inventory.

4, Rename the virtual machine so that it differs from the machine you are restoring and select the datastore you would like to restore to

5, Select the cluster to add the clone to

6, Select the host to add the clone to and select finish at the confirmation page.  This host will need to be the host that you mounted the NFS datastore to

7, At this point, you have a clone of the machine you wanted to restore that you can power on to recover items from.  Don't forget to disable the NIC before powering on the machine to prevent IP address conflicts if your other machine is still on and in production.

Re: restore backup file in netapp

In the event that you wanted to restore the entire VM and place the version from the backup in production, here are the steps to revert a VM.


   Warning: You will lose all changes from between the time the backup was taken and today using this restore.  The machine will also be unavailable for a few minutes while this restore is completing.

1, On the bottom of the screenshot you attached to your question, right click on the Entity machine you would like to restore and select restore.

2, Select to restore the machine and check to Restart the VM

3, After a few minutes depending on the size of your hard drives, the machine will power back on.  A disk check is possible as the machine will have thought that it shutdown unexpectedly.

Re: restore backup file in netapp

Hi there

I was hoping you can help me. I stumbled across this post as I was looking at how to do a SFR.

I followed your instructions but when I go to my VM it doesnt show the backup disk.

When I go to Data Management I see the disk there but I get the error - Disk Offline (The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online)

how do i get around this without restoring the disk on another VM?



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