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cifs domain discovered-servers show, how to remove one of listed DC servers


When I run " cifs domain discovered-servers show", I got the list of DC servers, one of them is no longer available, and I want to remove it.


Can anybody please let me nkow what command to remove it?


It is on cDOT 8.2


Thank you!







Have you performed a metadata cleanup on the domain controller to remove it from Active Directory? If not in the interim you can set the preferred DC to one in the AD site that is available. EG

cluster1> active-directory preferred-dc add -vserver vserver1 -domain testlab.local -preferred-dc
  (vserver active-directory preferred-dc add)



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Hi there,


I already have had / added multiple DC servers, the issue is not how to add more.


I wanted to remove that one from the list on the storage, since it is no longer availbe.


What should AD admin exactly do to remove it from AD, I am not so familiar with AD.


Thanks a lot!


You probably need to remove it from WINS manually (if you have WINS configured), which is a bit of a PITA since you have to delete the domain's entry on all WINS servers at the same time and wait for the DCs to repopulate it with the correct list of DCs.


On the AD side your AD admin should have used dcpromo.exe (or the new, fancy GUI variant thereof) to remove the DC from the AD




The suggestion to use preferred domain controllers is just to ensure your vserver doesn't attempt to contact the failed domain controller. EG


cluster1> active-directory preferred-dc add -vserver vserver1 -domain testlab.local -preferred-dc


To resolve your issues, first i would recommend you perform a metadata clean in Active Directory to remove the failed domain controller (if you haven't already done so):




Then you can run the following command to rediscovered the domain controllers in the AD site for the vserver:


cluster1> active-directory discovered-servers reset-servers -vserver vserver1

Hope this helps?



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