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configuration backup with tftp results in 0 size files


I'm working on uploading configuration backups to an external server. In my case, I'm trying to use simply TFTP.


I have a number of Cisco devices in this setup, they are able to successfully upload their configuration backup files to a TFTP server I have installed on my Windows laptop, called OpenTFPTServerMT.

This should indicate the server is working and no firewalls are blocking.

All devices are on the same subnet.


configuration backup upload -node cluster01-01 -backup cluster01.8hour.2018-06-04.10_15_02.7z -destination tftp://xxx.xx.xxx.xxx/

(system configuration backup upload)
Uploading the configuration backup file.
tftp upload in progress...........tftp upload in progress...........
Configuration backup file uploaded successfully.

cluster01::system configuration backup*>


The file cluster01.8hour.2018-06-04.10_15_02.7z appears on my TFTP server's incoming files area, but the size is 0 kB.


In the TFTP server log, I get repeated messages of timeout. I've increased the timeout to the max value, but the result is the same.


Ideally, I'd like to use SFTP, but Netapp doesn't appear to have that option.



FAS8200, Ontap 9.3P2



Can you do a a packettrace on your laptop and show how the upload start and finishes ?

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK