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cumbersome vfiler management


we operate an 3140 system (8.0.1P2 in 7mode) as or production system,

with mirrors to corresponding vfiler units located at a provider's site.

I have root rights on "my own" machines, also rights on the mirrored vfilers, but not to the vfiler0 of the provider. 

Here is my Question: which tool is "best"  for management?

i used the first three of the following:

-http://vfiler/na_admin     works fine for my own machines, not at all on the vfilers. needs rights on vfiler0.

-system manager       fine for my own machines. since i cannot register vfiler0, no vfiler management possible. snapmirror relations not displayed...

-rsh                              works, but only for one command. no permanent shell possible?

-DOT 8.1                     I have heard should solve the problem somehow. unfortunately we use esh2 modules in our shelf, which are not supported by 8.1

every suggestion would be welcome.



Re: cumbersome vfiler management

Vfilers are difficult to manage…none of the NetApp tools really do a stellar job from my experience…

System Manager and filerview are not capabile of vfiler management at all…CLI is the way really using vfiler context.

Vfiler0 is the root of the filer…so you don’t necessarily need rights there…that’s the actual filer if that makes sense…the vfilers all sit on top…

If you want to setup and manager snapmirror relationships…the best tool by far oncomannd ops manager (or protection manager if you want a more shiny gui!)…

I use system manager for vfiler creation and assigning volumes to it…then ops manager for the SnapMirror management…

Hope that helps



Re: cumbersome vfiler management

You should really check out the PowerShell Toolkit.



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