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data-protocol can only be set at interface create, not modify


any future changes planned for this?  A customer wanted to make changes and have to destroy and recreate interfaces... anyone know why this was locked down to create only?



[-data-protocol {nfs|cifs|iscsi|fcp|fcache|none}, ...] - Data Protocol

Use this parameter to specify the list of data protocols that can be configured on the logical interface. The

supported protocols are NFS, CIFS, FlexCache, iSCSI, and FCP. NFS, CIFS, and FlexCache are available

by default when you create a logical interface. If you specify "none", the logical interface does not support

any data protocols. Also, none, iscsi, or fcp cannot be combined with any other protocols.


The data-protocol field must be specified when the logical interface is created and cannot be modified later.



Hi Scott,

This change request is being tracked via Bug 520851. http://support.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=520851. We do not have a public report for this bug at this point in time.


Can't view it like you said... hopefully added in with 8.2 soon.


Just ran into this.  Our interfaces were created originally with just nfs but we just discovered some cifs use as well.  I can't go back in and modify it.  Unfortunately we already have a lot of production service on the interface.  Were putting a work around in place now hoping for something in a later release.


Did you create new lifs on the same physical ports?

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Were moving the traffic to another network (a different vlan on the same physical ports) that does have cifs configured.


Maybe you can use dns-zones as workaround. Of course, clients should access the vserver over domain name instead of IP, but the LIF migration will be transparent for clients.


Just stumbled on this as well.


Running CDOT 8.3.


I needed to move an ISCSI data LIF from data role with ISCSI protocol to mgmt role and none protocol so I can use the LIF with SDW.


Not that familiar if there's another way to do it - Eventually I dropped the LIF and recreated it.




has there been any update to this - can we still change the data protocols on the iSCSI lifs without having the need to destroy and recreate them again?




We have the same issue ,Running on Cluster data ontap 3.1 , still not able  to modify the data protocol on the lif  . Currently cifs is enabled , would like to add nfs also  , But dont see any option....Need help..


we also ran into this running CDOT 8.3... i've chosen to re-create the lif's (during off-peak hours so the impact is minimal, paste both commands via CLI)



network interface delete -vserver SVM002 -lif dataLif_App1
network interface create -vserver SVM002 -lif dataLif_App1 -role data -data-protocol nfs,cifs -home-node SVM002 -home-port e0a-5 -address -netmask


I have the same problem here on 9.1.

Since this is known for some years now it would be nice to hear from NetApp if this behaviour will be modified in future releases.