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iscsi for Linux VM

Can we map iSCSI lun to Linux VM?  Pros and Cons to be taken care. 


Re: iscsi for Linux VM



It's called a RDM when you do that.  https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.0/com.vmware.vsphere.storage.doc/GUID-9E206B41-4B2D-48F0-85A3-B8715D78E846.html  


Pros/Cons... can depend why you want to do it.   


migration is probably the only real "con" that stands out when I've worked with these in the past.    Which isn't horrible, it's (usually) just a few extra steps.  

Re: iscsi for Linux VM

Alternatively, you can map directly iSCSI to a VM. I've done it all the time in Windows VMs. Procedure is the same as a regular Linux iSCSI LUN.


You asked for pros and cons, what are you comparing to?

Why do you need it?

What are you using now?

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