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data svm web service empty page?


Hi Folks,

In case it's not obvious I'm a bit of a NetApp newb and inherited some clusters and am in the inventory and monitor stage of taking over administration of them. 

Today I noticed that the SVMs have tcp/80, tcp/443 open and load a 404 when you browse to their root URL.  This would not be the cluster or node management SVM, but rather various data SVMs. 

This begs the questions:

 - Why do the SVMs have web servers? 

 - Why do they load a 404 as the root page?

 - I see docs on shutting this off via 'system services firewall' command set, but are there any reasons why a SVM web port should be open? 




Re: data svm web service empty page?


One example of a use for the web services in a SVM is the Ontapi service that allows api calls to the SVM.  I'm not sure offhand if there are other uses but that is one of them.

Re: data svm web service empty page?


If you manage everything at the cluster level, not at the SVM level, you can disable SSH/HTTPS access to the data SVM in ONTAP 9.5 and later

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Re: data svm web service empty page?


Thanks Nboggs and Mjizzini.  I appreciate the info!

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