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dedupe on vm vs cifs

We have a CIFS share on our FAS2240 that is about 2TB in actual size.  We get an incredible dedupe rate of 66%, so used space is only around 900GB.  I would like to host this data from a Windows Server 2012 R2 vm instead of directly off of the Netapp CIFS.  My question is how much dedupe percentage will I lose by doing this?  I assume there is some overhead from putting those files inside NTFS on top of VMFS that would make dedupe less efficient.


Re: dedupe on vm vs cifs

Just curious, why would you do that? 


Why add another layer on-top?  Unless you say you need SMB 3.0 and cannot move to cDOT, I would leave it on netapp

Re: dedupe on vm vs cifs

Two reasons:


1. SMB 3 (as you said)

2. Veeam - I'm still having to use Arcserve for the CIFS shares.  I'd really like everything to be in Veeam as the single solution.


We are a single site, so snap-mirroring off site is not an option. We currently use Veeam backup to a Synology NAS that is replicated to a partner off-site.


Re: dedupe on vm vs cifs

So, you are going to use iscsi lun? or go down NFS route?


I've never actually thought about this question, now you got me thinking..

Re: dedupe on vm vs cifs

We use 8g fibre channel luns.  I've already created the VMDK in an existing data store.  Just haven't pulled the trigger yet until I figured out how much dedupe would be affected.

Re: dedupe on vm vs cifs

Well, Im curious as well..


Why don't you just robocopy the data over and don't swing the name and then just run a dedup job to see.. I have my suspicions but i will with-hold them for now

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