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dfu.fwDownloadFailedMultFiles:error]: Download failed due


Wed Oct 14 14:11:06 PDT [XXXXX: dfu.fwDownloadFailedMultFiles:error]: Download failed due to multiple firmware files found for Disk type [NETAPP   X298_SMOOS01TSSS].


Hi I keep seeing this message pop-up on my netapp, i have been searching and found out to delete inside /etc/disk_fw 

however, how can I delete inside /etc/disk_fw , I mean what command can I use, I want to delete everythung on /etc/disk_fw 


please kindly give me direction, thank you.






In 7-mode DOT you can access the "/etc" file directory by creating a share/export to it using CIFS/NFS.


The actual path is /vol/vol0/etc.  If you have CIFS enabled on your Filer, an "ETC$" share is created just for that purpose by default.  Good practice is to remove that share or ensure it is only accessible by local Filer administrators.


Obviously be careful what you do in there - you can cause trouble.  Of course, you should be regularly snapshotting vol0 for that reason anyway, right?


Even if you don't have one of those protocols you can designate a "management station" which is allowed to access the Filer using CIFS or NFS (management station being a specific Windows or *nix server) so that you can perform certain maintenance tasks easily.


And if all else fails, there are certain diagnostic level commands that allow you direct access to the file system at the command prompt.  I strongly recommend you don't go that route however.



Hope this helps you.


Bob Greenwald

Lead Storage Engineer

Huron Legal | Huron Consulting Group

NCIE - SAN, Data Protection