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disk partation for FAS2750


According to NetApp, disk partition will bring out better performance and disk usage. I see we have a few FAS2750 are not currently using this feature. 

1). does disk partition only available for AFF series or also apply on FAS for both HDD and SDD disks?

2). is the disk partition also apply on cache pool?

2). if we upgraded ONTAP to 9.7,  is there  any way to use disk partition feature without lose data?



Re: disk partation for FAS2750


FAS systems will use RD  and AFF will us RDD  -  https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.dot-cm-concepts/GUID-B745CFA8-2C4C-47F1-A984-B95D3EBCAAB4.html  


Do you mean FlashPool?   If you have a system with say.. 4 SDDs  and 20 HDDs.      It will look like this. 

The 4 SSDs will be left alone and the 20 HDDs will be RD partitioned.   With the 4 SSDs you have two options.  FlashPool, just adding SSDs to an aggr.   Not the best use for a system this small.  Yon can opt to create a StoragePool that will have 4 even partitions and you can assign the partitions to each aggr.   


No.   You can't really convert into with out doing a re-init.    

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