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NetApp AFF cluster tiering option


We have a four node AFF cluster on low free space, mixed use for CIFS shares, ESX, Exchange and SQL servers. Plan to either add more SSD disks to the existing AFF cluster nodes, or add a FAS pair or purchase StorageGRID as second tier. Need some suggestions to make final decision. Can someone share your experience? thanks.


Re: NetApp AFF cluster tiering option


Going through NetApp sales team will give you a better answer. They can size it to give you the best educated recommendation.


That been said, here is some ideas to think about.

If you are adding ESX, Exchange or SQL data, i think adding more SSDs will give you a better performance. 

If The cluster AFF is running High on cpu,  then maybe  add a FAS pair is an option.

If you are adding cold data or if the cluster will have High amount of cold data on the Vservers, specially NAS Vservers , then tiering to the StorageGRID will even be a better option.

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