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export volume or qtree in 7-mode and c-mode


Assume I have /vol/vol1 and /vol/vol1/qtree1, and they both are exported, and then mounted as /mnt/vol1 and /mnt/qtree1 on a client.


I understand the rule will be applied to entire volume including contained qtrees in c-mode. Rules on qtree level will have to be more restricted. In 7-mode, I can set two different rules to volume or contained qtrees in /etc/exports. fferent entities. 


So, can you please share with me an example in detail, what will be look like different on /mnt/lovl1 and /mnt/qtree1 in the case of 7-mode and c-mode respectively? and when do I need to export qtree in c-mode, since qtree would not be appear in paths of namespace, as I understand?


Thanks for your time in advance.

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