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gateway rebooting on ontap 9.6rc1


I am getting this error: spm.mgwd.process.exit. Based on the Syslog translator --- https://mysupport.netapp.com/eservice/ems?emsAction=details&eventId=1005427&software=ontap&emsId=spm.mgwd.process.exit&emsversion=0:


I have a 2 node switchless cluster and the resoultion is to migrate the cluster lif but not show if that is possible in this configuration. The other option is to reboot the node. How do I know what node to reboot? What is the procedure to reboot a hode? 





Is it your production filer ?


Please upgrade your ONTAP from Release Candidate to GA (General Availability).


What is MGWD ?
MGWD is Management GateWay Daemon (MGWD): It is the gateway into managing a cluster. It is responsible for maintaining and reporting cluster health/quorum; receiving SSH logins, SNMP, and NetApp Manageability SDK calls from management software. It does a lot, hence if ONTAP is under sustained heavy load, it may cause ONTAP to restart 'mgwd' in order to recover services and management capabilities. It ususally re-starts itself and this is an expected behavior but if it is repeating frequently, then you must raise a ticket with NetApp. However, ensure that you are on a GA first.


There can be number of reasons for mgwd to exit:
Heavy load or a bug : High usage of management processses along with heaving load from ONTAP ZAPI to the Cluster_mgmt LIF can cause this, but there can be other reasons too (bug or wahtever). Contacting NetApp helps.


Remedy is to : Move the cluster_mgmt_LIF to a different node (less busy in terms of cpu/memory usage) and observe if you are still getting those errors. It dosen't matter whether switched or switchless, you should try to move the Cluster_mgmt lif to partner node.

You haven't mentioned the FILER Model, hence difficult to assess how much memory or cores it has.

If you raise a ticket with NetApp, most likely you will be asked to move to GA release, but raise a ticket if you aren't sure how to go about it.



Yes, I echo @Ontapforrum - upgrade from 9.6RC1 to 9.6P5 and please let us know if problems continue.