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FAS2554 root data partition configuration


Hello all,


Is it possible to configure a cluster with root data partition, where all data partitions belong to one aggregate but the root partitions are split between the  two root aggregates?

Example: FAS2554 with 20 disks, 10 root partitions for root_aggr_01, 10 root partitions for root_aggr_02, 20 data partitions for data_aggr_01.


Assuming this is possible, what would be the best way to achieve this, starting with the typical root data partition configuration:

-10 root partitions for root_aggr_01 + 10 data partitions for  data_aggr_01.

-10 root partitions for root_aggr_02 + 10 data partitions for data_aggr_02.


Can I delete the "data_aggr_02" and the add these data partitions to  "data_aggr_01" ?


Thanks for your help,





Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration


Yep.   You need to remove the owner of the data part of the partition and the assign it to the partner.   


set adv 

disk removeowner -disk x.x.x -data true
disk assign -disk x.x.x -data true -owner NODEx
disk show -fields data-owner, root-owner

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Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration


Make sure you reallocate after you do so, otherwise you might experience less performance (depending on # of disks added). https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1001574/loc/en_US


I usually recommend to customers to do a "reallocation start -f true -p true -path /vol/volumename" and do one volume in the aggregate at a time. Usually that is enough to balance it out. Start from your busiest volume that may be the smallest and work your way to more idle volumes.

Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration


Thank you, I've sucessfully completed the change.

BTW, does it matter which node owns the "container" ? 

Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration


With ADP R-D and R-D-D, generally the root part and the container have the same owner by default.     After the initial ADP config on controller initlization I don't think it matters though.    I've always tried to keep them balanced though.  


Check out here:   



with R-D "The container disk and the two partitions do not all need to be owned by the same node in the HA pair as long as they are all owned by one of the nodes in the HA pair. However, when you use a partition in an aggregate, it must be owned by the same node that owns the aggregate" 

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