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volume move a clone ?


Is there any difference to volume move a clone than a regular volume?

I am tried to volume move clones to the other aggregate. However, they all still running at 98% replicating for long time. It looks not moving at all. 

Can anybody please shed ligt here? Thanks!







Please check the following conditions , and also event logs on the cluster.


FlexClone volume considerations and recommendations

  • FlexClone volumes cannot be offline when they are being moved.
  • You can move FlexClone volumes from one aggregate to another aggregate on the same node or another node in the same SVM without splitting.
  • FlexClone volume Snapshot copies are not lost after moving a clone.
  • You can move FlexClone parent volumes from one aggregate to another aggregate.

    When you move a FlexClone parent volume, a temporary volume is left behind that acts as a parent volume for all FlexClone volumes. No operations are allowed on the temporary volume except to take it offline or to delete it. After all FlexClone volumes are either split or destroyed, the temporary volume is cleaned up automatically.

  • After you move a FlexClone child volume, the volume is no longer a FlexClone volume.
  • FlexClone move operations are mutually exclusive from FlexClone copy or split operations.
  • If a clone-splitting operation is in progress, moving a volume might fail.

    You should not move a volume until clone-splitting operations are completed.



One followe-up.

Are there any issues if I take the temporary volume offline and delete after I vol moved the parent volume to the other aggregate? Any impact on the clone left behind?






I doubt you can do that.


A temporary volume with a moved_parent_temp prefix is created when a volume with active clone is moved to a different aggregate. These temporary volumes are kept offline, and exist until all the clone volumes are deleted from the source aggregate.


To see the parent clone dependencies:
::> volume clone show -vserver <vserver> -parent-volume moved_parent_temp__*

I guess, all the dependent clones (from the output above) must be either be deleted or split before you can delete parent temp vol.


I think it will error out if you try to delete it.


I hope that's your query ?



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