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how can I find the vscan policies set in 7 mode, or to disable the virus scan for read operation


I want to know the existing settings for Virus scan policy

Whether it send the scan request to the scan servers for every read and write or write alone.


Where shall i find these in 7-mode


I could find documents for Cluster mode, but i couldn't find the same for 7 mode.


Also please tell me -novscanread if this option can only be enabled for read-only files??


Or is it like if i enable this on a particular CIFS share, will it discard scanning for read requests and send scan requests only upon a write ?



How can I determine if the virus scan is only enabled for write requests.


Whether vscan is initiated for read operations / write operaions / on access where are these settings enabled.




thanks in advance




cifs help shares: 

cifs shares -change <shareName>
{ -vscan | -novscan }
{ -vscanread | -novscanread }


It scans on read & write or on write only. 

Read-only markes on files are not considered.



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