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ONTAP Discussions

how to change the espsilon node using powershell cmdlets


Hi All,


I'm trying to automate the ontap upgrade process and i need to trasnfer the epsilon node to another node. I know we can use Invoke-NcSsh and then use the normal ontap command but i want to achive it using PS cmdlet so that i can use the previous varibales. I tried Set-Ncnode but there is no option to trasnfer the epsilon. Any help is highly appricaited.

Here is my code.



$Cluster = Read-Host "Enter the cluster name to connect"


#credentials to connect the cluster

$creds= Get-Credential -UserName "admin" -Message Null




foreach ($item in $Cluster) {

   Connect-NcController $item -Credential $creds}


$epsilonnode= Get-NcNode | where {$_.IsEpsilonNode -eq $true}

Write-Host "The Epsilon node is : $epsilonnode"


$nonepsilonnode =  Get-NcNode |where {$_.IsEpsilonNode -eq $false}



Read-Host -Prompt "Press any key to continue"

$newepsilonnode = Read-Host -Prompt  "Enter the node name to trasnfer the Epsilon :"

Write-Host "Trasnferring the Epsilon to $newepsilonnode ...."  



Int ONTAP via CLI, I do not believe it is a one-step process.

You unset (make Epsilon FALSE) it from the node first.

Then Assign (make Epsilon TRUE) it to another node.


Hopefully that helps!

Hi TMAC, I am aware the steps in ONTAP CLI but I am looking for a powershell Cmdlet to achieve it. I cannot use invoke-ncssh cmdlet followed by ontap cli commands because ontap cli doesn't accept $variables. I want a Powershell cmdlet by using which I can change the epsilon assignments. Thanks.
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