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how to move volumen ntfs to another aggregate on NetApp Release 8.2.3P6 7-Mode


Hi, I have a NetApp Release 8.2.3P6 7-Mode and I want to move an aggregate ntfs volume but it gives me the following error when doing the command: vol move start vol_tecon aggr_SATA

vol move: Specified source volume is exported via NFS. Unexport the volume and retry or resume vol move.

How can i solve this problem?





The error is expected, it is one of the requirement for vol-move:


# The source volume should not be exported to NFS or CIFS clients when the volume move operation is in progress.

I would call it a disruptive process for NAS protcols (NFS/CIFS), as you will be required to stop NFS exports or  CIFS, which means a 'downtime' during the move period.


You have two options 'volmove' or 'snapmirror' : Advantage of vol-move over SnapMirror is that, you do not have to update the exports or re-create the shares. However, with snapmirror, the control is on you, once base replication is done, you can chose a maintenance window, termiante cifs, final update and re-create shares.


In any case, downtine is needed in both case, choice is yours.

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