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Determining Low or Idle Volumes on NetApp?


Hello All,


Quick question. Is there a way within my ONTAP 9.3 environment to see if there are a certain set of Volumes/LUNS that have been historically "idle" on my array. 


My goal is to see what volumes/LUNS I can go to the end-user on and say "hey, since you don't use these, we are taking them and re-allocating".


Thanks in advance!





Oncommand / ActiveIQ Unified Manager is probably your best bet.   Do you have that installed, configured and running? 


I'm not sure about Active IQ but I do have Unified Manager.  What section would Active IQ be located or how would I know I have that feature?


They've re-branded it and starting with version 9.6 it's "Active IQ Unified Manager" (same functions though).   





Through Unified Manager, you can get historical IOPs of aggrs/volumes etc.  Are you not seeing what you're looking for? 


Yeah, I only have 9.3 for now. But let me look through thsat information to see if it provides what I need.


Yes OCUM under the perf section will give what you want. Since you have 9.3, it will have it already. You can view volumes from there and sort on the volume view with IOPs that are lower. You may want to review each volume individually just to confirm.

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